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Sikanni Chief Bridge: Industry Update

Dear YCC Members -

We met late last week with YG in regard to the restrictions on the Sikanni bridge and the impacts the restrictions are having on Yukon businesses. We made it very clear that the impact of rural Yukon businesses and sectors like mining and grocery is particularly dire. We tabled the notion that the YCC may be coming forward with a request to provide some sort of relief to some sectors if the situation is not resolved quickly. We let them know that at least one major carrier in Yukon is adding a 9% surcharge due to the need to travel the Stewart Cassiar instead of the Alaska Highway. The other issue that we raised is that this is having an impact on tour operators for the 2023 summer tourism. I have heard from one major tour operator that they may bypass Yukon in 2023 and start in Alaska as they have no certainty on the route they can travel through northern BC to Yukon. Many accommodation properties are requiring a 50% non-refundable deposit and they need to publish their itineraries to start sales this month.

YG has agreed to provide us with weekly updates every Friday – they talk to BC and the federal government on Thursdays and they will arrange a call when any major developments occur. The following is the report from the past week:

September 16, 2022: Industry Update (Sikanni Chief Bridge):

Due to the weight restriction on Sikanni Chief Bridge, the majority of loads destined for Yukon, Alaska and NWT are required to take the Cassiar Highway (Highway 37).

Highway 37 enters Yukon Territory just over 26km north of the Watson Lake Weigh Scale at KM 1001.6 of the Alaska Highway. Due to this, Carriers are encouraged to pre-purchase their permits if they are over width, over length or overweight either by using our online permitting services or calling ahead to one of the two active scales in Yukon.

You can find our online permitting services @

If you have any issues signing up or using our online services please call 867-667-5213.

To confirm any weights or dimensions you may call either Watson Lake Scales @ 867-536-7400 or Whitehorse Scales @ 867-667-5729.

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