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Join Yukon's Local Gift Card Program

Exciting news! The Local Gift Card is here, and your business can participate! 


Brought to you by the Yukon Chamber of Commerce, the Local Gift Card is a community gift card that invites Yukoners to spend their gift card money at any participating local business in the Yukon. This opportunity provides a way for you to attract new customers, encourage loyalty and be a part of a Yukon-wide community partnership!

Call (867) 667-2000 to join our Local Gift Card program!

How Does it Work?

​The premise is simple. A dollar amount is loaded onto the gift card, which then can be used across the Yukon at all participating businesses. The recipient can use the card as many times as they would like, as long as there is a balance on the card. The Local Gift Card program is supported by a website that lists all participating businesses.

  • No new technology is required. We will provide set-up guides.

  • It works on your existing POS. We will show you how!

  • The money is automatically deposited into your bank account just like a credit card.

  • You’ll enjoy extra advertising, as your business is listed on the Local Gift Card website.

  • You pay the same credit card commission you have negotiated with your VISA provider. 

You can promote the Local Gift Card in-store as a versatile gift option – the gift of choice while supporting local. The recipient gets tochoose where to use their gift card, and the gift giver gets peace of mind knowing that their money stays in the Yukon and goes directlyback to a local business. The best part for you: there is no fee to be part of the program!

About the Card Set-up

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