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AEA Contractor Workshops: February 15th-March 15th

Increased fuel and electricity prices, and concern about environmental impacts, have made energy efficiency front of mind for building owners across the north. The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) is a leader in promoting emerging energy efficiency technologies.nEvery year, the AEA helps contractors and other building industry professionals learn more about emerging technologies and how to maximize their use.


Every Wednesday morning, our lineup of experts will share their perspectives from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. MST on these topics:n• Feb. 15: Condensing Oil Heating Appliances (Virtual)n• Feb. 22: IPLC Intelligent Parking Lot Controls (Virtual)n• Mar. 1: Drain Water Heat Recovery (Virtual)n• Mar. 8: Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps (Virtual)n• Mar. 15: ECM Pumps (Virtual)


Register link for workshops:n…/1FAIpQLSddU8ruNgvnDN…/viewform

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