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Yukon Chamber of Commerce, Suite #220, 2237 Second Avenue, Whitehorse, YT, Canada

Bringing Business Counselling Services to Yukon Communities

June 1, 2017



To expand the private sector base, Yukon must cultivate new and growing businesses – Particularly new and growing businesses in Yukon communities, where many potential business owners reside but face difficulties starting and running their businesses. The reasons are diverse, including:

  • Limited knowledge and experience related to starting and running a business

  • Limited knowledge of business licensing and legal requirements

  • Limited knowledge of credit, credit management, and access to funding and debt and equity financing

  • Difficulty accessing markets (for exportable goods and services)

  • Limited market sizes (for local markets)

  • Self-confidence

Many of these obstacles can be overcome with access to a knowledgeable business counsellor. Unfortunately, in most Yukon communities, business counsellors are neither available nor are they affordable. Mentors are few and far between, and current business development funding programs are laborious to access, prescriptive in approach, and do not provide the flexibility that entrepreneurs and business owners require.


Business counselling helps new business owners get past the initial hurdles of starting a business helps existing businesses expand their operations in a viable manner, and helps struggling businesses adapt to maintain their viability. Because business counselling improves the transfer of knowledge and skills to community members, the service grows our communities’ long-term capacity to engage in business. We believe that access to business counselling services is essential to the growth of our communities’ economies.


The keys to success for a business counselling service are:

  1. Convenience

  2. Trust and Confidentiality

  3. Longevity

  4. Local Partnerships

Demand for Business Counselling Services

Over a period of three years with 2 to 4 week-long visits per year to Yukon communities (starting with Old Crow, Ross River, and Beaver Creek, eventually expanding to all Yukon communities except Whitehorse), the e-Commerce Yukon Project provided access to a business counselling service with an eCommerce focus. During that time, over 270 unique clients accessed the service.