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The Yukon Chamber of Commerce Comments on the 2022 Workers’ Compensation Assessment Rates

News release

15 September 2021 - Yukon Chamber of Commerce

The Yukon Chamber of Commerce (YCC) continues to understand the importance of safe and healthy workplaces. We believe that the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board (YWCHSB)

plays a key role in that. We also know that to help Yukon businesses prosper assessment rates must be affordable and reasonable.

In reviewing the 2022 YWCHSB Industry Classification and Assessment Rates, which were announced today, YCC notes that the rates for half of the eight non-government rate groups (containing just under 2900 employers) increase by between 1.1% and 4.1%. for 2022. The rates for the other half of the non-government rate groups (containing about 760 employers) go down by 2.4% to 4.7%. The assessment rate for the government rate group (containing 25 employers) increases by 6.3%.

The compensation fund is still in a surplus position. As in past years, these surplus funds will be used to subsidise 2022 assessment rates by, on average, $0.20 per $100 of payroll.

“The compensation fund at the end of 2020 exceeded the YWCHSB’s own maximum targeted level by $5.2 million. YCC believes it is important to return surplus funds to employers. To do so is necessary to align the interests of employers and YWCHSB in running a self-funded organisation where today’s employers are paying for their own liabilities.” stated YCC Treasurer Philip Fitzgerald. “YWCHSB has been doing this in an orderly and transparent manner. That provides certainty for employers while maintaining the YWCHSB reserves at sustainable levels.”

“YCC is very pleased to learn that the rate of lost-time injuries per 100 workers covered went from 1.9 in 2019 to 1.6 in 2020” said Tammy Beese, Chair of the YCC Board of Directors. “This is a significant decline in injuries and is the lowest the rate has been in the past 10 years. We recognise that this level could only have been achieved through the concerted efforts of employers, workers, and YWCHSB.

YCC Executive Director Denny Kobayashi said, “It is unfortunate that many private-sector employers in the Yukon will pay higher assessment rates next year. However, the increases are moderate. On the other hand, many employers will pay lower rates. Yukon workers and employers need to continue to work together to focus on maintaining a safe work environment. When they do, fewer workers are injured, there is less human suffering, and assessment rates go down. When businesses have lower WCB costs they are able to invest resources in ways that grow the economy, create wealth, and increase employment.”

The Chamber encourages all employers, managers, supervisors, and workers to work together to ensure everyone is safe at work.

The details of 2021 assessment rates by industry can be found on the YWCHSB website.

2022 Industry Classifications and Assessment Rates - 2021-09-15
Download PDF • 137KB

Yukon Chamber of Commerce Background

Incorporated in 1985, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce is the collective voice of the Yukon's business

community, working to create a climate conducive to a strong private-sector economy by providing

leadership and representation on issues and projects affecting business. The Chamber works with over

800 Yukon businesses, through either direct membership or Community Chamber membership, as well

as the six Community Chambers of Campbell Region, Dawson City, Silver Trail, St. Elias, Watson Lake

and Whitehorse.

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Philip Fitzgerald


Yukon Chamber of Commerce

(867) 333-9700

Denny Kobayashi

Executive Director

Yukon Chamber of Commerce

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