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The new Yukon Vaccination Verifier app is now available for download

News release #: 21-460 Published 23/11/2021


he Government of Yukon’s new Yukon Vaccination Verifier app is available for download. The app will help designated services and establishments verify Yukoners’ proof of vaccination credentials. The app will scan the QR code located on the proof of vaccination credential and confirm if someone is partially or fully vaccinated. Designated establishments and services can either use the app to verify vaccination status or visually verify. People age 12 and up will be required to show one piece of government-issued photo identification to confirm their identity.

The app can scan any QR code that meets the federal standard. At this time almost all provinces and territories meet the standard. The proof of vaccination credential and the app are designed to protect your privacy. The app does not store any data and the QR code only contains the minimum amount of information needed. The proof of vaccination credential does not link to any other records. The app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You must have an internet connection to download the app, but you do not need an internet connection to scan QR codes.

The Yukon Vaccination Verifier app is an important tool in the Yukon’s continuing response to COVID-19. This new app will be an easy, secure and efficient way for designated establishments and services to verify someone’s vaccination status. Highways and Public Works will continue to support the technology needed to forge ahead and adapt to living with COVID-19. Minister of Highways and Public Works Nils Clarke

Quick facts

  • On September 7, 2021, the Government of Yukon launched the online proof of vaccination credential service for Yukoners. To date, there have been over 22,000 credentials downloaded. The new Yukon Vaccination Verifier app will be able to scan any QR code on a proof of vaccination credential that meets the federal requirements. The majority of the provinces and territories currently meet the federal standards.


Renee Francoeur Cabinet Communications 867-334-9194 Madison Guthrie Communications, Highways and Public Works 867-332-4847

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