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Rapid Screening Support: Our Letter to Canada's Provincial and Territorial Premiers

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

(Whitehorse, Yukon) On February 1, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Chambers from across the country submitted a joint letter to our provincial and territorial Premiers requesting the continued supply of rapid test kits to Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade for distribution to small businesses.

The letter was written as follows:

RE: Continued Support for Rapid Screening in the Workplace

Dear Premiers: As Canada experiences the dangerous impacts of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, our collective priority must be to continue to protect the health of our population as we permit the safe operation of our economy. This requires the continued close collaboration between governments at all levels and the business community.

In the Spring of 2021, the Canadian Chamber Network established – in partnership with the federal government and various provincial governments - a simplified approach to make rapid tests accessible to businesses. At present, over 175 chambers of commerce and boards of trade across Canada are distributing rapid test kits directly to small businesses. Together with Health Canada and the Provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Chambers of Commerce Rapid Testing Initiative has placed almost 9 million test kits into the hands of entrepreneurs, workers and business owners.

Now, we are urging provincial and territorial governments to prioritize the continued supply of rapid test kits to chambers of commerce and boards of trade for distribution to small businesses. In addition, we are urging those provincial and territorial governments that are not participating in this program to engage your provincial or territorial chamber and establish a distribution program for small businesses in your jurisdiction. Our chambers have demonstrated that we have an effective and efficient distribution channel to small businesses throughout Canada, regardless of whether they are a member of their local chamber. This program has prevented workplace outbreaks, enabled businesses to operate safely, provided confidence in communities across the country, and reduced the burden on public health systems by equipping laypersons to take on testing. Prioritization of test kits through local chambers of commerce and boards of trade will enable a safe exit through this wave of the pandemic and ensure resiliency looking ahead.

The Chamber CEO in your province or territory would welcome the opportunity to discuss further how we can support this critical initiative and see it executed urgently and efficiently across Canada.


Hon. Perrin Beatty,

P.C., O.C. President & CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Elissa LaLiberte Acting President & CEO,

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

Sheri Somerville

President & CEO,

Atlantic Chamber of Commerce

Fiona Famulak President & CEO, British Columbia Chamber of Commerce

Chuck Davidson

President & CEO,

Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

Denny Kobayashi Executive Director,

Yukon Chamber of Commerce

Chris West Executive Director,

Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce Ken Kobly President & CEO,

Alberta Chambers of Commerce

Rocco Rossi

President & CEO,

Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Jennifer Phillips

Executive Director,

Northwest Territories Chamber of Commerce


For general inquiries regarding this letter or for more information about the rapid testing solutions available for businesses in the Yukon, please call (867) 667-2000 or send an email to:

Denny Kobayashi Executive Director,

Yukon Chamber of Commerce

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