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Earth Day For Event People April 22, 9-10 am PST

Earth Day for Event Planners - Nominees Announced

WHITEHORSE, YUKON – The Yukon Convention Bureau (YCB) is proud to announce The City of Whitehorse & Yukon have been selected as a Canadian finalist for Earth Day for Event Planners. The live ceremony will be held virtually on Earth Day – Thursday April 22, 2021, 9-10am PST.

This award is hosted by The Sustainable Events Forum and recognizes destinations committed to hosting sustainable and carbon neutral conferences and events. The Yukon and City of Whitehorse sustainability & action plans are excellent examples of how Yukoner’s are innovative and creative leaders for living in the north.

“This year on Earth Day for Event People, we want to celebrate the destinations doing the hard work to protect our natural assets. They operate tourism centres, destination management organizations, oversee water, waste and sewage and operate convention centres, parks and recreational venues. Destinations are crucial to reducing the carbon footprint of any event in their area and as event professionals, we need them as partners to make change in our industry,” said TSEF co-founders Candice Tulsieram and Natalie Lowe.

There are hundreds of events held live or virtually every day in Canada and while gatherings are important for people and businesses, they have a large carbon footprint. Making the events they host or attend low carbon is an easy way for businesses and organizations to work smarter and more efficiently towards carbon neutrality.

“Many may be unaware of the significant work being done in the Yukon to live, work and do business smarter & cleaner. YCB is very proud of the investments and commitments made by a number of Yukon businesses & governments, and YCB has been engaged in promoting this endeavor for almost a decade. Sustainability clearly extends far beyond conferences & events, and includes areas in agriculture/ food security & local sourcing, renewable and micro generation of energy, cold climate innovation and research, just to name a few. Much of the work required to achieve a carbon

neutral event is ultimately about smarter planning usually resulting in lower costs and decreased time investments. It’s a win/win and clear choice when hosting larger conferences and events. Yukoners are successful both in prioritizing and providing support in this,” said YCB Managing Director Alida Munro.

YCB is asking Yukoners to help win this national recognition by attending the live, online, free

event on Thursday April 22, 9am-10am. The winner is determined by a live vote – the more

Yukoners that log in and vote – the better the Yukon’s chance at winning. To register in

advance, go to or contact the Yukon Convention Bureau office

at or 867-668-3555.

YCB 2021 Earth Day for Event Planners
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