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Bid Value Reduction for Yukon First Nations

Want to learn more about the Yukon First Nations Procurement Policy Bid Value Reductions and how this may impact your business? Review the attached information sheet and sign up for one of the training sessions being offered by YTG!

BVR Supplier Information Sheet
Download PDF • 299KB


Information provided by YTG Procurement Support Centre on upcoming Bid Value Reduction Training for Suppliers.

A Bid Value Reduction (BVR) is a way of re-ranking bids to reflect the level of Yukon First Nation participation in a bid. Both Yukon First Nation businesses and non-Yukon First Nations businesses can benefit from BVR.

As of October 4, 2021, BVR will be applicable on all Yukon government tenders. It is important that suppliers know how to apply BVRs to their bids so that they can receive the full benefits.

The Yukon government’s Procurement Support Centre will be offering training sessions on BVR this October. This training will provide suppliers with the tools to include BVR in their future bid submissions.

We are hosting four online BVR training sessions:

Please register on YG learn to any of these sessions.

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