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Dear members of the Yukon business community: The Board of Directors of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce (YCC) extends an invitation to all members of the Yukon business community to consider putting their names forward to serve as members of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. The Yukon Chamber, through direct membership, or its affiliation with the five community chambers of commerce, engages with over 750 businesses across the territory to represent their concerns and aspirations. The Chamber focuses on removing barriers inhibiting the growth of the private sector, represents the business community, and provides input to governments on a full range of issues. In the past year, YCC has taken positions and provided input on subjects including the minimum wage, cannabis legalization, the YESAB process, YWCHSB rebates to employers, and the implementation and rebate process for carbon taxes. Our policy committees do substantial work in the areas of Energy, Transportation and Infrastructure, Trade and Procurement, the Food and Beverage sector, and Business Relations and the Yukon Investment Climate. We also take on special projects, host events such as the 2018 Opportunities North conference, and form and lead business delegations to engage with business communities across the north and through the rest of Canada. Our board is composed of men and women from across the territory representing a broad range of business sector interests. We value representation from the full range of Yukon communities, with business community members of different genders, indigenous and non-Indigenous, sharing a broad range of perspectives from businesses small and large, covering the broadest possible spectrum of industry sectors. Our Board Executive comprises a Chair, Vice-Chair, Second Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Past Chair who meet monthly. The full Board, which meets every other month, includes the Board Executive, a representative from each of the five community chambers of commerce and five business-and-industry representatives. The full Board is rounded out with non-voting ex-officio representatives from a number of sector-specific organizations. Board members must be, or must become, business-and-industry members of YCC in good standing. They must be free from any past indictable offenses and without bankruptcy within the past six years. As well, Board members cannot be political representatives or employees of a government or a political organization. We hope you will put your name forward for consideration as we plan our slate for the year that will start at our AGM in late May. Please provide us with a CV or overview of your business experience; and let us know in which community you are based. As well, please share with us why you wish to participate on the board, and in what capacity you would be interested in serving, and where your interests lie in board participation. We would appreciate hearing from you so our nomination committee can review submissions and reach out to candidates. Nominations close on February 28, 2019, so that our section committee can review submissions and reach out to candidates. We very much hope for a broad and diverse set of submissions, to enable us to structure the best possible Board to speak for the Yukon business community as a whole and set the direction for the Yukon Chamber of Commerce in the coming year. Most sincerely,

Peter M. Turner President, Yukon Chamber of Commerce 867-393-6060

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