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Yukon Chamber of Commerce applauds the government’s decision to extend the application period for th

The Yukon Chamber of Commerce applauds the government’s consideration of the voice of the Chamber, which, on behalf of the Yukon business community, worked intensively for the extension of the application period for this critical commission. In this request, the Chamber added its voice to other, sector-specific, organizations that recognize the need for the very best applicants to participate in this important work.

“The government’s decision to implement a two-week extension will better ensure participation from critical stakeholders to this process,” said YCC Chair Stanley Noel. He added, “We all know how busy our short summer season is, particularly for the placer miner and tourism sectors that drive the Dawson regional economy; so giving them further time to prepare applications will contribute to better outcomes for this important regional land use planning process.”

Chamber President Peter Turner added, “The Yukon Chamber of Commerce is in full support of the successful undertaking and timely completion of a Dawson Regional Land Use Planning process. This decision contributes to ensuring a land use planning process that is of the highest calibre, and results in the most credible outcomes. We are very pleased that the Yukon government has made this decision that aligns with our Chamber’s and other organizations' extension requests.”


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