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Yukon Chamber of Commerce Presenting a Conference on Business Continuity Geared for Small Businesses

Following from the fires in Fort McMurray, and last year’s earthquakes here in the Yukon, the Chamber looked into threats to business continuity and learned that, statistically in any given year there is a one-in-five chance that a business or organisations will experience an event that will threaten its continuity.

Large Yukon businesses like Northwestel or Air North have dedicated resources and plans in place to ensure their business continuity. But in the Yukon, the majority of our businesses and organisations have less than 15 employees, and/or don’t have dedicated resources or plans to ensure the continuity of their organisations.

This conference is scaled to small businesses and other (NGO, and municipal and First Nations governments) organisations. It is designed to provide a tool kit of information, resources, contacts, and subjects that any small organisations can use to be prepared for unexpected disaster. We have the only two certified Business Continuity experts practicing in the territory as keynote speakers, and both will be sharing how organisations can plan and prepare for, respond to, and recover from disastrous events.

Other Speakers will address:

  • Best practice for managing human resources in a disaster situation

  • Workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety obligations

  • Insurance needs and availability for small-scale organisations

  • IT and communications failure-mitigation strategies

  • Electrical utilities practices and their impact on organisations

Our lunch keynote speaker will relate what he learned from heading the TELUS command centre in Ft. McMurray through the fires.

Attendees will come away with the resources to put in place business-continuity plans scaled for small organisations.

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