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Yukon Chamber of Commerce Energy Committee to Lead Formation of, and Act as Secretariat for, a New L

The Yukon Chamber of Commerce (YCC) Energy Committee is undertaking the formation of a Low Carbon Stakeholder’s Committee to recommend, evaluate, and support the development and monitoring of business initiatives and projects that prioritize reduction of fossil fuel consumption and import, change behaviour and drive innovation and the development and adoption of new technologies that will reduce the Yukon’s carbon footprint.

The (YCC) Energy Committee will be reaching out to Industry Sector chambers, associations and other organizations with low carbon expertise to form a stakeholders committee to identify projects and other opportunities to reduce carbon output in the Yukon, and make recommendations to government on allocation of Federal green energy funds.

Hector Campbell, Chair of the YCC Energy Committee, said, “we are pleased that the Yukon Government sees value in the input that an arms-length, private sector-focused stakeholder’s committee will bring to assessing opportunities for moving the territory towards a lower carbon future. The YCC Energy Committee sees opportunities for the business community both in identifying lower carbon solutions, and developing new business and employment opportunities for Yukoners.”

YCC President Peter Turner added, “YCC is excited to facilitate engagement with chambers and associations across multiple sectors of the business community, as well as drawing on low carbon expertise from other local institutions and organizations. We look forward to attracting smart people to tackle the low carbon challenge that will impact all Yukoners, and Canadians.”

“Effectively addressing climate change in Yukon requires all sectors to work together. The Low Carbon Stakeholder’s Committee will make recommendations to Yukon government that will help to inform the steps we take to reduce our carbon footprint,” Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai said.


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