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Yukon Chamber of Commerce Participates in and Comments on the 2018 AME Roundup Conference in Vancouv

The Yukon Chamber of Commerce, represented by its Chair, Stanley Noel, attended and participated in the events of the 2018 Association for Mineral Exploration’s Roundup, celebrating Mineral Exploration Week in British Columbia.

Noel reports that the well-attended conference has strong and optimistic representation from the Yukon business community, including not only significant representation from the mining sector, but also active participation from other Yukon Chamber of Commerce members that provide services and support to the mining industry, such as Pelly Construction, a key contractor on the Minto Mine project.

He continued, saying, “The optimism of the mining sector and supporting industries about Yukon’s future development is shared by the regulators and other government ministers and representatives attending, including the Yukon Chamber of Mines and the Yukon First Nations Chamber of Commerce. There is very much a focus on ensuring that we are building a sustainable and long-term industry sector for the growth and future success of the Yukon. Investments in infrastructure such as the Yukon Resource Gateway Project by the federal and territorial governments will provide employment opportunities for Yukon businesses and workers, and will also create much-needed new infrastructure to serve the needs of the Yukon in the 21st century.”

YCC President Peter Turner added, “Our Yukon Chamber of Commerce Chair also heard from the industry about the critical need that we work as a territory to develop and provide the workforce critical to maximizing the benefit of this economic activity for the Yukon. The Yukon Chamber will continue to engage with Yukon College and YG Advanced Education to drive training and development of our local population to deliver th


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