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Yukon Chamber of Commerce Policy Resolutions




Policy resolutions serve to highlight issues or challenges identified by the business community and inform advocacy efforts of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce. To ensure that the Yukon Chamber of Commerce advocates on behalf of and represents its members credibly and in a timely fashion, YCC has developed  Policy Development Guidelines to outline how our voting members can be involved in the YCC policy development process. 


2018   Policy Resolutions

Biomass Energy Policy (December 2018)

Renewable Energy Innovation (May 2018)

Carbon Pricing (Revised Feb 16, 2018) 


2017   Policy Resolutions


Bringing Business Counselling Services to Yukon Communities (June 2018)

Remove “Property Taxes” From the Definition of Gross Lease Costs (June 2018)

Make the Land Titles Office Fund Balance "Restricted" (June 2018)




These resolutions will be brought to the attention of appropriate government officials and other bodies to whom the recommendations are directed. Members will be updated and advised of the action(s) taken on each policy resolution.




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