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Office of the Employer Advisor

Tanya AI photo.jpg

Tanya Boone

Employer Advisor
(867) 667-2000 

We'll help you:

  • Pay the minimum assessments required by law

  • Get rebates on assessments

  • Avoid fines and penalties

  • Understand the return-to-work process

  • Learn about your workplace safety obligations

We represent Yukon employers on the Workers' Safety and Compensation Board (WSCB) consultation bodies to ensure WSCB policies are informed by your views.

Ask about our free half-day workshop: "Workers' Compensation: What Employers Need to Know!"

We typically visit every Yukon community at least once a year. Contact us if you would like to meet with us the next time we are in your community.

The Employer Advisor service offers free, confidential assistance with workers' compensation and occupational health and safety.


The Employer Advisor service is provided by the Yukon Chamber of Commerce and is independent of the Workers' Safety and Compensation Board.

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