Yukon Chamber of Commerce Press Releases

5-24-16: The Yukon Chamber of Commerce launches its `Fueling Yukon`s Economy` initiative. Each year $200 million leaks out of the Yukon economy to pay fossil fuels, which comprise 4/5ths of all the energy that Yukoners consume.

9-24-15: The Yukon Chamber of Commerce is delighted with the outcome of our engagement with the Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board (YWCHSB) that has been under way since April, and resulted on Thursday in the YWCHSB's announcement of $10 million in rebates to be paid out to virtually all Yukon Employers before year end!

9-24-15: The Yukon Chamber comments on the announced 2016 YWCHSM rates.

5-5-15: The Yukon Chamber and the Northern Business Community raise more than $32,000 for Nepal Earthquake relief on the way over to and during the Frozen Globes Business Awards!

2-17-15:Yukon Chamber of Commerce comments on the Final Report of the Select Committee Regarding the Risks and Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing and notes that the committee did not fully fulfill its mandate.

1-5-15: The Yukon Chamber of Commerce comments on the Governments of Yukon's Peel Watershed appeal.

10-24-14: The Yukon Chamber of Commerce releases a Press Release commenting on newly announced WCB rates.

9-12-14: The Yukon Chamber submits a letter to the editor on the Chamber's support for the Draft Independant Power Producer policy.

9-2-14: The Yukon Chamber and TIAY announce $3.6 million of incremental tourism marketing funding over two years, from Yukon Government and CanNor.

8-20-14: The Yukon Chamber comments on Prime Minister Harper's 9th visit to the North.

6-4-14: The Yukon Chamber signs an MOU with Tourism Iindustry Association of the Yukon and TIAY becomes an ex-officio board member

5-20-14: Yukon Chamber of Commerce Supports the Utilities Board Decision Approving the Whitehorse Backup Generator Conversion to LNG - Fueled Units

5-9-14: Yukon Chamber of Commerce applauds the YDC Hydroelectric Work Plan

4-28-14: The Chamber applauds the unnanimous approval of a reduction to the Yukon small business tax rate

3-24-14: Coverage of the Yukon Chamber's Premier's Budget Preview Lunch Lecture

2-20-14: The Chamber comments on the announced awarding of the new FH Collins construction contract.

2-11-14: The Chamber comments on the 2014-2015 Federal Budget.

1-27-14: The Yukon Chamber of Commerce Announces a Change in the Board of Directors

1-23-14: Chambers Shocked at WCB Expansion Announcement

7-26-13: Can we use LNG savings to develop alternative energy sources for the future?